As the stewards of private wealth it is our fiduciary responsibility to act in a manner which is open, ethical and transparent. At Yellow Capital our corporate ethic obligates our members to conduct their duties in a manner which is way beyond the regulatory requirements and guidelines.

Yellow Capital has adopted 8 principles that form the basis of our professional conduct:

1. To act honesty and fairly at all times when dealing with our clients, taking into account the relationship with each client and the nature of the service to be provided to them.

2. To act with integrity, actively seeking out and avoiding any acts, omissions or practices which damage our reputation or which are improper.

3. To observe applicable law and regulation when performing our activities and to interpret and apply them to the best of our ability, with trust, honesty and integrity.

4. When executing transactions or carrying on dealings for our clients in any market, to observe the standards of good practice and conduct required by all participants in that market.

5. To manage fairly and effectively to the best of our ability any relevant conflict of interest and disclosing the existence of any conflict.

6. To attain, maintain and continually developing our competence in our chosen responsibilities.

7. To uphold the highest levels of professional standards, and commit to promoting opportunity and sharing our knowledge in our industry.

8. To put our clients at the centre of our proposition and to align our interests at all times.