Yellow Capital provides a holistic approach to managing wealth. Our core focus is investment advice, which is underpinned by comprehensive financial planning.

The definition of ‘managing’ in all business and human organisation activity is the act of getting people together to accomplish desired goals and objectives. Management comprises planning, directing, and the co-ordination of an initiative for the purpose of attaining a goal(s).

The team at Yellow Capital promises to plan your finances and invest your money in an effort to improve your lifestyle by eliminating financial concerns and providing security for your future. We make this possible by co-ordinating our services with additional aggregated professional expertise provided by tax advisors and accountants.

Our service is comprehensive and the quality thereof guarantees optimum benefit for all our clients.

• A disciplined and focused investment strategy
• Online access to portfolios with regular reporting on performance and measurement
• Tax-favoured portfolio construction
• Strategic advice to the family and the next generation
• Adopt a realistic business approach to risk rather than a scientific theoretical approach
• Adopt a long-term absolute return approach to investing

• Advice on pension structuring and optimisation
• Advice on pension wrappers including SIPPs SASS
• Provision of pension forecasting report with 1000x simulation capability
• Advice on the level of funding required to meet the objectives in your lifestyle retirement plan

• Advice on the mitigation of IHT
• Maintenance of gift schedules
• Advice on trust structures

• Tax efficient vehicles and wrappers
• Integrated tax compliance reports and certificates for your accountant/tax consultant

• Integrated financial plans
• Managing assets vs. liabilities
• Discounted cash-flow modelling with 1000x simulation capability

• Advice on property finance

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